Amy Sear, AP., Dipl. OM

now works at

Integrating Eastern and Western Medicine for Maximum Results


  1. All appointments, services and treatments continue to take place at the same two locations of Memorial Hospital (more detail on Locations page)

  2. Memorial West in Pembroke Pines

  3. Memorial Regional in Hollywood

  1. All patients with all conditions or needs will continue to be able to use these services.

  2. Patients do NOT need to be a patient of Memorial. Anyone from the community may come and benefit from this program and its services

  3. A medical referral (from a doctor) is not required

  4. The goal and mission of will continue to be the same - to provide the very best and highest quality information and services to all patients. The focus is on a very  nurturing and individualized approach, and emphasizes patient empowerment through education --in a very clear and easy to understand manner


Until this new development, Sear-Enity Natural Medicine, Inc. was the professional practice of Amy Sear, A.P., Dipl. O.M. (NCCAOM).   All aspects of excellence continue, and actually can expand through this new future directed advancement.

  1. For an appointment or further information:    954-844-9080

603 N. Flamingo Rd., Suite 159                                    3341 Johnson Street 

Pembroke Pines, FL 33028                                            Hollywood, FL 33021


Sear-Enity Natural Medicine, Inc. is pleased to announce that Amy has been hired by Memorial Health Systems as a full time employee in their comprehensive Integrative Medicine  Department.  This is an exciting development that signals the dynamic and progressive focus of medicine in general, and of medicine and care at Memorial.